Whether it's a solitary moment of rest on a heather-clad hillside or exploring the narrow medieval alleys of Edinburgh's old town, a visit to Scotland is filled with romance and legend.

Scotland is a land with a rich, multilayered history, a place where every corner of the landscape is steeped in the past – a deserted croft on an island shore, a moor that was once a battlefield, a cave that once sheltered Bonnie Prince Charlie. Hundreds of castles and elaborate fortresses spread throughout Scotland testify to the country's often turbulent past.

Outside the main cities are misty glens and brooding country-side castles. Visit a local pub in one of the villages, and you'll find the Scots to be warm, friendly, and fun-loving.

Scotland's local products, customs, music, and traditional dress - from tartans and bagpipes to tweeds, are best experienced first hand.