London’s mix of grandeur, history, style and culture gets more enticing by the year. There’s charm in the Royal parks, world-class art galleries and wood-clad pubs. There’s intrigue in its ancient streets and majestic architecture. And there’s the excitement of its neon-lit West End, around which revolves an innovative dining scene and designer shopping outlets.

Aside from its icons – from black cabs and red double-decker buses to the soaring spires of Westminster – the English capital’s museums are one of its most memorable features. Whether it’s Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, or Piccadilly Circus, London’s cultural attractions are stunning and not to be missed.

The variety is what makes London so special. It’s a truly global city, with more than 300 languages spoken by inhabitants originating from across the globe. Such a melting pot means that you can find cuisine and culture from just about anywhere. Ultimately, London doesn’t just feel like the centre of the world, but like the world in one city.